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Weeping deodara / Himalayan cedar

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Cedars are planted in slightly acidic to neutral soil; it is suitable to use substrate for ornamental plants that promotes better rooting and better preparation for wintering (During the first year after planting the root ball should be covered in an abundant layer of mulch.). If planted properly, cedars survive winter easily in our climatic conditions. They should be grown in gull sunlight or half-shade. They tolerate mildly moist soil. Watering depends on the location (sunlight / half-shade), the size of the plant and the time of planting (Cedars require more frequent watering during the first year after planting.). The amount of precipitation and seasonal conditions must also be considered (i.e. use more water in summer and less in winter).

Cederus deodara Pendula is an accent plant that grows at a slower rate. It is planted in gardens and parks, in front of corporate buildings, etc. Cedar wood is valued for its healing properties.

Height (cm): 750
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