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Tsuga Canadensis

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Hemlock comes from the eastern part of Canada. It is often found in Czech parks and gardens. It is a slowly growing conifer. It has soft, medium green, evergreen needles.The main branches form a relatively upright ascending skeleton. Yet their ends are always overhanging like a green veil. Height in adulthood varies depending on the space for roots. If it has space, it can grow up to 25m, but in a normal garden will be significantly smaller.

Requirements: Hemlock is hardy wood without any maintenance requirements, but it does not tolerate drought, heat and wind. Therefore, it is not suitable as a solitaire in a place where it would be exposed to full sun and wind all day. The roots hate alkaline, dense soil. It requires a more acidic country that should not retain water. The root system has the ability to get used to a slightly higher pH once it grows well. The cut does not require, but is possible at any time from the end of winter to mid summer. Ideal is the spring season before sprouting. Fully hardy to about -34 ° C.

Tree height (cm): 225/250


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