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Red yew is one of the resistant species, long-lived and not very demanding in terms of habitat, it thrives even in very shaded places. It is suitable for cutting - no other type of conifer can be cut as easily as yew. Yew trees have therefore long been used as hedges or are variously cut into artistic shapes.
  It is one of the shade-loving species, with very slow growth, which makes it a valuable tree for shady habitats or gardens with limited space. It tolerates polluted air very well, which is why it is also often planted in city parks or gardens. For its versatile use, it is very popular with landscape architects. It is one of the most important coniferous trees in garden culture.

Claims: calcareous, however not demanding on the soil. But it does not tolerate wet impermeable soils. It tolerates polluted air well.

Height (cm): 150/175

  • Price incl. VAT4 499,00
  • Price excl. VAT3 912,17

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