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Star magnolia


Height (cm): 250 -300
Container volume (liter):

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Price: EUR 700.-
  • Description


    EARLY FLOWERING TREE with attractive white to pink-tinged flowers

    Family: Dogwood (Magnoliaceae)
    Origin: North and central America, East Asia and the Himalayas
    Bloom time: March - April

    Star magnolia is a branched shrub which grows at a slow rate to be about 3m tall at most and wide. Its leaves are deep green, inversely ovate and about 5 to 10cm long. Its gorgeous fragrant flowers with 12-18 cm long and 6 cm wide petals dark are either pink or white and are form star-like arrangements.  It blooms as early as March before leaves come out and the bloom lasts until April. It often blooms once again more during summer.
    This native of Japan is perhaps the most significant early flowering shrub which remains truly small and thus it can find a place in every garden.

    In East Asia magnolias have been cultivated since time immemorial. In China they symbolize feminine beauty, purity and sweetness. The spread of Buddhism in Japan was accompanied with the introduction of magnolias that soon became an indispensable part of landscape art, literature and painting. 

  • Care guide

    In general, this magnolia is planted in shielded locations because its flower buds are prone to damage from late spring frost. Its roots are literally flat and the root system is shallow proto, therefore, caution must be taken when cultivating the soil near the roots. It appreciates a thick layer of mulch which keeps soil loose, cool and fresh during growth. In winter the mulch layer protect the plant in the winter. Magnolia prefers slightly acidic soils rich in nutrients and moisture i.e. they are ideally planting into gardening substrate designed for ornamental woody species. Regular watering is required.

    If planted well and in an appropriate location this magnolia is very resistant and upright standing. It is a heavy bloomer. This popular plant flowers in spring and is often found in parks and gardens.

  • Guarantee


    Customer comfort and the high quality of our plants are our priority, which is why we provide our woody plants with a guarantee covering one vegetation period. However, the guarantee is honored only if plants are planted by a gardening company recommended by us and provided that customers take proper and due care of his plants as recommended.

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