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Purple leave plum


Height (cm):
Container volume (liter): 25/30

Price (excl. VAT): CZK 14 348.-
Price (incl. VAT): CZK 16 500.-

Price: EUR 610.-

  • Description


    DECIDUOUS TREE with red leaves

    Family: Rose (Rosaceae)
    Origin: Central Asia and Asia Minor
    Bloom time: April

    Purple-leaved plum (Prunus pissardii Nigra) is a garden woody plant with small ovate red-brown leaves that turn dark purple in fall. The hemispheric crown is spanning wide and branches are upright. This fast growing tree has a low canopy with a clearance of 5m from the ground. Flowers are white to pinkish and bloom in early spring. Purple-leaved plum bears tiny fruits are not exactly suitable for direct consumption, and should be canned, dried, or squeezed for juice or distilled for brandy.

    Purple-leaved plum (Prunus pissardii or Prunus cerasifera) is highly appreciated for its resistance to dry weather and diseases. Therefore, it is often planted in gardens and parks. The more valuable is this red-leaved cultivar "Nigra" which should decorate every single garden. The purple shade of the foliage stands out in the green tones of garden growth. It is a great accent, yet it blends well with other trees. 

  • Care guide

    Purple-leaved plum (Prunus pissardii) is a low-maintenance tree. It is frost-resistant and grows vigorously. It prefers direct sunlight (Its leaves will be red wine.)  but it can grow in half-shade (Leaves will be darker.). It tolerates most kinds of soil, provided they are not too limy, clayey or dry. We recommend planting it into substrates enriched with nutrients to achieve a more luscious, rich look. The tree can be trimmed. In that case it should be cut slightly in the spring as this will make the crown grow denser.

    It is ideal for gardens and landscaping projects. It is an attractive woody plant that should embellish every garden, alley, the edge of tree compositions, or it could stand out as an accent in private garden or parks. 
  • Guarantee


    Customer comfort and the high quality of our plants are our priority, which is why we provide our woody plants with a guarantee covering one vegetation period. However, the guarantee is honored only if plants are planted by a gardening company recommended by us and provided that customers take proper and due care of his plants as recommended.

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