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Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan'


Prunus serrulata Kanzan is an undemanding species. It is very hardy and grows quite vigorously. As for the habitat, it can be planted both in full sun (better bloom) and can tolerate without any problems the penumbra. It is suitable for every soil, unless it is too viscous and clayey or dry. However, it works best on medium-heavy, calcareous soils with good water drainage. We recommend planting in a substrate that is enriched with nutrients for a richer and nicer overall appearance of the plant.
Thanks to its rich pink flowers, it is one of the most beautiful sakuras. It is an exceptional tree that deserves to be planted more often. Suitable for alleys, at the edges of groups or as a solitaire for gardens and parks.

Tree height (cm): 200
Container capacity (l): 130
Trim circumference (cm): 20-25

  • Price incl. VAT13 490,00
  • Price excl. VAT11 730,43

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