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Are you looking for a BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN, OR ACCENT TREE which will adorn your garden? Check out our PRODUCT RANGE of mature ornamental woody plants and macro bonsai. 


We specialize in large specimen, or accent trees and shrubs which are suitable for modern gardens and in macro bonsai which may adorn Japanese gardens, greater garden compositions, terraces or corporate premises. These woody plants require special gardening techniques and training so that they can be planted into a new environment even at an old age.

The right planting of an ornamental woody plant begins with the choice of appropriate soil (high-quality substrate) with required pH. Furthermore, it is necessary to get a suitable fertilizer, spot and planting method.

The planting of mature trees, shrubs or large bonsai is more demanding that the cultivation of smaller plants. The proper planting of mature trees requires expertise and knowledge, a special gardening technique, and special equipment for the transport and planting. To provide you with a full range of services, we recommend arranging a personal appointment at the site of future planting where the planting procedure should be planned in detail.

We provide consulting services free of charge within the Czech Republic and arrange for the planting of your tree or shrub by a professional gardening company with which we have closely cooperated. We will prepare a planting quotation to be drawn on the basis of our appointment.
If you would like to arrange an appointment, contact us.