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Pinus sylvestris Watereri - Scots Pine

Pinus sylvestris Watereri is a variety of slow-growing Scots pine. The needles grow in pairs. In summer it is deep green with a slight hint of blue. With the arrival of colder months, the color acquires a bluish tint, which lasts until spring. It grows densely to a maximum height of 3 - 4 meters. The shape is conical to oval conical. Due to its slow growth, it is very suitable for growing on a semi-trunk with a compact crown. It requires minimal care.

Claims: Pinus sylvestris is one of the most hardy pines ever. It tolerates both wind and frost, as well as sun and drought, polluted air and non-nutrient soils. But she doesn't like waterlogged ground, but no pine thrives. It is good to mulch it so that it does not lose moisture. Fully frost-resistant to approx. -45 ° C.

height (cm): 150/175
  • Price incl. VAT7 490,00
  • Price excl. VAT6 513,04

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