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Oriental spruce / Caucasian spruce

Height (cm): 500 - 600
Container volume (liter):

Price (excl. VAT): CZK 73 913.-
Price (incl. VAT): CZK 85 000.-

Price: EUR 3 100.-

  • Description



    Family: Pine (Pinaceae)
    Origin: Western and Central Asia
    Bloom time: Early spring

    This spruce cultivar is characterized by slow growth. This tree has a conical shape and boasts dense dark green foliage. Its needles are shiny and green, dense, and 5-7mm long. In the spring the branches explode with bright green new growth which turns dark in summer. It grows to be about 4m, yet no more than 6m (see our exclusive offer). Its spread is 2 to 3m.

    This rare plant which can be found only in our product range is ideal for less spacious areas where a gardener would like to have a huge accent tree which, however, will not be as high as most conifers.
    Our Oriental spruce (Picea orientalis "Gracilis") should be used either in larger gardens or as a dominant decorating a front yard or a patio. Similarly, it can be planted in front of corporate buildings where it can be decorated during Christmas. 

  • Care guide

    Oriental spruce (Picea orientalis "Gracilis") should only be grown in full sunlight and moist permeable soil. Otherwise, it has no special requirements. It tolerates dry air well. It is planted in the same way as other conifers. The soil should be enriched with a slightly acidic substrate designed for ornamental woody plants. Regular watering is required, even during winter.
    This wonderful dwarf spruce finds suits diverse locations: both large and small gardens where it can be used as an accent or in groups. It can also complement heathlands and rock formations. 

  • Guarantee


    Customer comfort and the high quality of our plants are our priority, which is why we provide our woody plants with a guarantee covering one vegetation period. However, the guarantee is honored only if plants are planted by a gardening company recommended by us and provided that customers take proper and due care of his plants as recommended.

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