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Another batch of new trees in the Solitera Plant

We have new trees for you again. Come and see it together with other trees in Běchovice.

Season 2020 started

Transport and installation of large trees

In our Solitera Plant Center in Běchovice you will find many mature trees whose transport and installation to your chosen location are of course demanding operations. It is understandable that few are able to do this on their own. We count on this and we will be happy to arrange these services.

Another batch of new trees in Solitera Plant

We have more new trees for you.
Come and choose a grown tree for us in Běchovice. It will guarantee you a cool shadow in the coming heat.

Season in full swing

The horticultural season has begun to run, the new trees often do not get too hot on the beach and go to some of you. But we are still adding goods, so something interesting will always be waiting for you. 

New Macrobonsai

At Solitera Plant we have prepared for you other new trees that can become a decoration of your garden.
Among these novelties, two new yews dominate in the macrobons section.
Judge for yourself ...

New trees on sale

We recently informed you in a recent news that we brought new grown trees to our offer. Trees are already priced and ready for you.

Spring beauty of maple trees

Come and see Japanese maples in Solitera Plants. Right now, there is a time when the maple leaves open and so their spring colors can be seen. Some cultivars change their leaves to green throughout the year, but in spring they shine brightly in bright red colors. Therefore, the perfect time to choose them in your garden right now!

The ideal time to reposition the tree

Right now is the ideal time for planting or replanting trees and shrubs.
Take advantage of the warm weather, come visit us and choose the ideal solitaire for your garden.

We have new trees for you

Yesterday they brought us a package of new trees that you can buy with us.
The dominant one was the huge Liliodendron, which has an estimated 2.5 tons with the root ball.

Shaped trees

In our offer you can find new products from the company Shaped Trees.
It is mainly about beautiful conifers, which you can either create a medium to large bonsai, or have them planted directly in the garden as a beautiful soliter.

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