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Hydrangea macrophylla


Hydrangea macrophylla is a deciduous shrub from the family Hydrangeaeceae - hydrangeas. It comes from the mountainous regions of Japan. It grows to 1-1.5 m and forms a hemispherical shrub. The whole plant is densely leafy. The leaves are large, shiny and deep green. During July, it blooms with beautiful blue, white, pink or red flowers. Large-leaved hydrangea blooms on last year's wood, so during the spring cut, we only remove frost-damaged shoots.

Demands: grows best in semi-shady habitats, in sufficiently moist soil. The color of the flowers is partially affected by the pH of the soil. The more acidic soil promotes the blue color of the flowers, the more alkaline the pink color. For varieties with white flowers, soil pH has no effect. If they are sufficiently supplied with water, they can be planted in a sunny place. Plants can freeze during the winter, so it is advisable to plant them in protected habitats and cover them with twigs during the winter.

Height (cm): 100/110
Container volume: 110


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