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Ginkgo biloba 'Horizontalis'

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Ginkgo biloba is a deciduous coniferous tree. It is one of the oldest living species on the planet. It is estimated that it occurred here 180 million years ago!

Variety Horizontalis is a very small form of ginkgo biloba, which is also suitable for small urban gardens. It consists of almost flat, umbrella, exceptionally slightly ascending floors of branches. The leaves (correctly needles) are fan-shaped, 4-7 cm wide, pea green in season and bright golden yellow in autumn.
 It grows relatively slowly. The final height is derived from the height of the trunk to which this ginkgo is grafted. It usually does not exceed 3 m, but in width it can increase up to twice as much in old age. However, it can be easily kept narrower by the spring cut.

Requirements: Jinan is very durable. It can withstand worse soil, polluted air, little rainfall and, on the contrary, light waterlogging. It can handle suffocated and clayey soils, as well as urban air, and once rooted, it doesn't mind drought or extreme frost. It is ideal for medium-nutrient, permeable soil and full sun. Fully frost-resistant to min. -34 ° C.

Container capacity (l): 180
Trim circumference (cm): 20-25

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