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Flowering dogwood

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Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida China Girl) is a noble shrub which thrives in sunny spots as well as half-shade locations. It requires soils that are rich in nutrients and humus and contain some added mulch. It blooms with abundant clusters before leaves come out and the bloom is effective for about 3-4 weeks. 
It is mainly suitable as an accent; however, it can be combined with other shrubs with different bloom times. It creates interesting compositions with other types of dogwood featuring diverse bark colors, which looks immensely appealing mainly in winter.  

IT IS A PRECIOUS FLOWERING SHRUB which requires acidic soils and low maintenance.
The bark of the roots and branches has stimulating and invigorating effects and is used as a substitute for quinine in North America.

Height (cm): 300/350 
Container volume (liter):

Price: EUR 2 000.-

  • Price incl. VAT55 000,00
  • Price excl. VAT47 826,09

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