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Flowering dogwood


Height (cm): 250 -300
Container volume (liter):

Price (excl. VAT): CZK 47 826.-
Price (incl. VAT): CZK 55 000.-

Price: EUR 2 000.-

  • Description


    DECIDUOUS SHRUB with pink to reddish blooms

    Family: Dogwood (Cornaceae)
    Origin: Northern Europe and North America
    Bloom time: May – June

    Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida Rubra) is a broadly branched shrub with a spread of 3-5m. It blooms generously at the end of May. In fall it has red berry-like drupes that are 1cm large. Its egg-shaped leaves are 6-15cm and turn attractive shades of red to purple in fall.
    It grows at a slow rate which is why the size (age) of the shrubs we offer can be see only in parks or gardens that have planted a long ago.

    This is one of the most wonderful dogwood shrubs. It has been cultivated since 1730. Its first presence in the historic territory of the Czech Republic dates back to 1835.

  • Care guide

    Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida Rubra) is a noble shrub which thrives in sunny spots as well as half-shade locations. It requires soils that are rich in nutrients and humus and contain some added mulch. It blooms with abundant clusters before leaves come out and the bloom is effective for about 3-4 weeks. 
    It is mainly suitable as an accent; however, it can be combined with other shrubs with different bloom times. It creates interesting compositions with other types of dogwood featuring diverse bark colors, which looks immensely appealing mainly in winter.  

    IT IS A PRECIOUS FLOWERING SHRUB which requires acidic soils and low maintenance.
    The bark of the roots and branches has stimulating and invigorating effects and is used as a substitute for quinine in North America.

    In a way it is easier to grow than European silver fir. It tolerates lower humidity and drier soils. It should be planted in rather less acidic substrate which is suitable for ornamental woody plants.
    To a degree, this fir even tolerates polluted environments, which is why it is often planted in municipal and gardens. It is also grown for Christmas tree production. This wonderful tree with a regularly conical shape is gaining more and more popularity.

  • Guarantee


    Customer comfort and the high quality of our plants are our priority, which is why we provide our woody plants with a guarantee covering one vegetation period. However, the guarantee is honored only if plants are planted by a gardening company recommended by us and provided that customers take proper and due care of his plants as recommended.

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