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Solitera Plant


Are you looking for a beautiful and unique woody plants for your garden?

Due to the current great interest in trees and therefore the very rapidly changing state of goods in Solitera Plant, we recommend checking the availability of trees in our online offer by phone. Some trees are already sold and we have imported new ones. All these changes will appear on our website in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are bothered by heat, plant a tree. If you are bothered by drought, plant a tree. If you like fruit, plant a tree.
If you like birds singing, plant a tree. If you love life, plant many trees.

Growing coniferous and deciduous trees - jewel in your garden or in front of the house.

We bring you an exclusive and unrepeatable offer of GROUND ornamental trees and bushes in a container. Choose from our specimens that are unique in the Czech Republic. And regularly watch our offer. 

If you are looking for a specific tree species / cultivar, we recommend using the search box (there is a magnifying glass icon on the right). It will also find items that are sold. We are able to order the same or similar tree / shrub for these items (sold). Or contact us in person (contact).

Získejte informace o jedinečných vzácných dřevinách v ČR jako první!