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Abies Koreana Horstman silberlocke

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Firs from South Korea. "Harstman silberlocke" variety from Germany. It was bred by Gűnther Horstmann in 1978.
    A regularly branched tree with a conical crown, the branches are arranged on regular floors. The height of the tree is medium (2.5-3m). The needles are flat, round at the end, bright green on the reverse with two white stripes. The cultivar is characterized by distinctly curved needles, so we can see the distinctive silver back of the needles from different angles. The twigs then give the impression of bicolour. The cone is cylindrical, erect 5-7 cm long.

Requirements: Soil moist, humous, well permeable, acid to neutral, mild sun to penumbra. She does not like drying out and hot places in the summer.

Tree height (cm): 175/200
Container volume (cm): 45

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  • Price excl. VAT11 000,00

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