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Cedar Himalayan Golden Needle

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Cedars are majestic representatives of evergreen conifers. At first glance, their irregular construction will attract wide crowns. There are 4 basic species, the most suitable for our climate are the Cedars of Atlas and Lebanon.

   Himalayan cedar probably the most attractive species of cedar. It has a strictly pyramidal structure, with large branches and overhanging ends. The needles are medium green, and grow in bundles of 20 to 30. Older plants will eventually acquire the character of unique solitaire with a unique shape.

Claims: tolerates any well-drained soil including calcareous soil. It needs a place in the sun, but it is protected from sharp winter winds. Its frost resistance is not as good as that of the Atlantic, but it can withstand frosts down to -25 ° C except in areas with tough, long winters.

Golden Horizon is a special variety of Himalayan cedar. It grows slowly, with branches overhanging. The shape is irregular and creates a charming low shrub. The needles are prickly and bright yellow-green in full sun and ripen in cyan in autumn.

Container capacity (l): 285
Tree height (cm): 250/300


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