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Catalpa bignonioides (Catalpa bungei) 'Nana'


You will find Katalpy in most of our parks. Mostly they are large trees, unlike garden varieties that are smaller in size. In summer, it attracts with its large leaves and in winter hanging fruits in the shape of long beans.

Cultivar "Nana" (or Catalpa bungei) is a low tree, which was bred for smaller gardens. Heart-shaped leaves are light to medium green in color, soft and very attractive. The tree retains a broadly spherical, compact crown. It grows moderately fast and very dense. In season the crown is completely opaque. This variety does not bloom.

Claims: The catalpas are undemanding to the soil type, only they need to provide a well-drained and preferably deeper soil to be able to spice well. After good rooting they can handle temporary waterlogging. In summer, mildew may form on the leaves. As soon as you notice white, matt spots on the leaves, treat the plant with an available copper preparation as soon as possible. It tolerates unfavorable conditions such as urban paving and air pollution. Fully hardy to about -28 ° C.

  • Price incl. VAT14 490,00
  • Price excl. VAT12 600,00

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