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Hornbeam overhanging


Hornbeam is one of the original deciduous trees of European forests. It is popular among other things, because of its modesty.

  Cultivar "Pendula" is a very charming tree with overhanging branches. These branches not only extend downwards, but also continuously grow at the top of the tree. In adulthood, it creates a richly branched, wide crown. However, you can cut very well and model exactly the shape you like. Deciduous leaves are medium green with distinct veins and fine serrate edges. In the autumn it turns deep yellow. It grows moderately fast.

Claims: It is not soil-intensive unless the soil is waterlogged. The sun is best suited to him. Totally hardy to min. -33 ° C.

Tree Height (cm): 300-350


  • Price incl. VAT14 990,00
  • Price excl. VAT13 034,78

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