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Buxus microphylla Faulkner

Buxus microphylla is ideal for French-style gardens. It is suitable for shaping and placing both in containers and in front gardens and of course in large gardens and parks. Its planting is also suitable for hedges. Shrubs can grow to a height of 1 to 2 meters. Its leaves are small, dense green. Regular shearing is required to make the shrub dense. The flowers have inconspicuous yellow-green.

Faulkner is a slow-growing variety with small, oval to round, rich green and very glossy leaves. Unlike other cultivars, it grows very compact and keeps its shape even without cutting.

Requirements: It is not demanding for cultivation, it suits almost all types of soil. It can withstand both sunny and shady habitats. Frost resistant to approx. -27 ° C.

Height (cm): 120 - 140

  • Price incl. VAT9 990,00
  • Price excl. VAT8 686,96

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