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Himalayan birch


A kind of birch native to Asia. Some authors classify it as a variety of Betula utilis var. jacquemontii, which was discovered around 1849 and imported into Europe for the first time around 1880. The variety is propagated exclusively by grafting.
  It is a medium to lush growing birch with a regular pyramidal crown. The bark on older trunks is strikingly white to creamy along its length to its base. The yearly increase is 30-60 cm. In adult life they can grow to a height of over 15 m under appropriate conditions.

Claims: Wet, loamy soil. It is not too demanding. However, the soil should not be too alkaline. It requires sufficient light, suitable for full sun. Growing birches take away soil moisture and nutrients in their surroundings. Frost resistance down to -25 ° C.

Trunk circumference (cm): 20-30


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