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Azalea japonica "Stewardstonian"

Japanese azaleas are a very popular addition to our gardens. While in Japan they grow into large, large shrubs, they grow significantly smaller in our continental dry climate. They are low maintenance and usually bloom very abundantly from mid to late spring.

Requirements: It needs light, acidic, very permeable and preferably constantly moist (but not wet) earth, rich in iron and phosphorus. To maintain the soil moisture it is best to have them constantly mulched. Ideal for them is the penumbra. Fertilize with special fertilizers for rhododendrons and azaleas. Fully hardy to -29 ° C.

The "Stewardstonian" variety has medium-sized, soft red flowers. It blooms from mid-May to early June. It grows moderately fast and relatively compactly. It doesn't have to be cut. It is a very hardy variety.


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