Upravit stránku

Austrian pine / Black pine

Austrian pine (or its subspecies Prunus nigra ssp. Austriaca or Pinus nigra ssp. nigra) is cultivated all over Europe. Even though it grows well even in less nutritious soils we recommend using sand-enriched gardening substrate for ornamental plants and mild watering throughout the year (Do not over-water.).
This is a light-loving woody plant which requires dry and warm sites exposed to sunlight. It even tolerates polluted urban areas. This well-known plant which does not have any special soil requirements can survive even in rough situations. Its deep roots make it resistant to wind.

It is highly suitable for environments with ornamental stones, heathland plants or other conifers. It can be planted in pots, on terraces or roof gardens where it grows well all year because it loves exposure to direct sunlight and can withstand freezing temperatures.

Height (cm): 200-250
Container volume (liter):

Price: EUR 9 000.-

  • Price incl. VAT9 990,00
  • Price excl. VAT8 686,96

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