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Acer rubrum Red Sunset

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Red maple is a medium-sized maple (10-13 m), ideal for medium to large gardens. During the year, it has green leaves, which turn a beautiful red color in autumn and the tree then becomes a distinctive element of the whole garden.

The cultivar "Red Sunset" is very popular, especially due to its bright red color of autumn leaves. The leaves are medium-sized, three-lobed. They are deep green in summer and in autumn they first turn golden orange to bright red tones. It forms a wide crown of pyramidal to broadly oval shape. It grows rapidly and maintains an upright habit.

Requirements: Handles the sun and partial shade well and is also well resistant to frost down to -30 ° C. It is not demanding on the composition of the soil.

container volume (l): 180
trunk circumference (cm): 20/25
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