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Acer platanoides

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Acer platanoides is an easy-to-grow tree with a wide variety of landscaping. It grows up to 30 meters. The leaves are reddish brown, then green in spring, and fall in yellow in autumn. They are 4-8 cm. Bipeds are almost horizontally protruding. Borka is dark gray. It is advisable to land it as a garden solitaire or as a group.

Requirements: It grows in any soil, preferably moist, but after good rooting it can even handle a dry skin. In acidic soil will offer more colorful colors in autumn. It does not suffer from pests or diseases that could significantly endanger it. Fully hardy to about -40 ° C.

Tree height (cm): 500
Trim circumference (cm): 25-30
Container capacity (l): 350

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