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Acer japonicum "Mai kujaku" - Japanese Maple

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Japanese maple (Acer japonicum) is a species of maple naturally growing in Japan and South Korea.
It is a small deciduous tree, sometimes with more trunks, growing 5-10 m in height (3-5 m in Bohemia). The trunk is usually up to 40 cm in diameter. The bark is smooth in youth, later coarse and scaly. The leaves are round, 7–15 cm in diameter 9-13 (exceptionally 7) cm in length, serrated, lobes deep to almost half the leaves. The leaves are initially white hair on the reverse. In autumn, the leaves are colored bright orange to dark red.
A variety of cultivars with different leaf colors and shapes were bred.

Requirements: Good nutrient, permeable soil, with plenty of humus and moisture. Shading rather suits him, but also tolerates the sun. Can freeze. Well tolerates cut.


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