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Acer palmatum Beni Kagami

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Japanese Maple is a species of tree naturally growing in Japan, Korea and China. Many varieties have been bred and extended to many countries around the world.
They are deciduous shrubs or small trees. It grows to 6-10 m, rarely 16 m. It often grows as undergrowth in deciduous forests. It can grow as a multi-strain.

Cultivar "Beni Kagami" grows lush in youth and later slows down this growth and reaches a height of maximum 10 m. The leaf shape is deeply jagged into 7 truncated lobes. The leaf size can be up to 10 cm. Samples are colored red. Habitus of this maple is rather cascading. In autumn, it turns into crimson crimson tones.

Requirements: It is suitable for habitats with sufficiently moist, permeable, humous soil. The penumbra suits him. It can withstand frosts down to -20 °, but winter protection is recommended in the first years after planting. He hates dry, hot place. It is recommended to bet close to the pond, or in the summer to grow a lot.

Bush height (cm): 250
Container capacity (l): 450

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