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Acer freemanii Sienna


It is a cross between acer saccharinum and acer rubrum. This maple has the best features of its parents. It has carved leaves similar to saccharinum but almost as rubrum. They are medium green in summer and in autumn they turn deep orange to sharply red. For its beautiful autumn color is the decoration of any garden.

Requirements: It grows quickly, upright, to a fairly regular, narrowly pyramidal shape. Not demanding. It grows in almost any well-drained soil. It even tolerates partially calcareous subsoil. Young trees are good to tie for the first three years to support. Fully hardy to -34 ° C.

container volume (l): 180
trunk circumference (cm): 25/30
  • Price incl. VAT24 490,00
  • Price excl. VAT21 295,65