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Abies nordmanniana - Fir cones


Caucasian fir is an evergreen coniferous tree, native to Asia Minor and Caucasus. It was named after its discoverer, the Finnish botanist Alexander Nordmann.
It grows up to 60 m in its homeland, and in Europe it grows to a maximum of 30 m. The crown is conical, of regular shape and reshaping (for solitary trees to the ground), the peak is markedly pointed in youth, rounded in adult individuals.
Young trees have a dull gray smooth bark, old trees then cracked, longitudinally grooved.
The very dense, linear, clearly grooved needles are 2-3 cm long and unlike the silver fir they grow a twig from the upper side, where they are directed obliquely forward. The upper side of the needles is dark green and glossy, the lower one is then characterized by two white rows of vents.
This type of fir is widely used for Christmas trees.

Requirements: Requires permeable and well drained soil, slightly acidic and moderately nutrient rich. Fully frost-resistant throughout the Czech Republic. Location slightly shaded, but can withstand direct sun.

Height (cm): 200/250

  • Price incl. VAT12 420,00
  • Price excl. VAT10 800,00

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