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Japanese yew / Spreading yew

Height (cm): 200-250
Container volume (liter):

Price (excl. VAT): CZK 213 044.- 
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Price: EUR 9 000.-

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    Family: Yew (Taxaceae)
    Origin: Japan and Korea
    Bloom time: March – April

    Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata) is an evergreen, slowly growing conifer. Unlike the English yew (Taxus baccata) it has shorter needles (1-3 cm) which give it a more compact appearance. It grows in many regions across the northern hemisphere and is native to Japan, Korea, Northeast China and the Russian Far East.
    This elegant dioecious woody plant has smooth reddish brown bark which peels off in older plants. The needles are flat, glossy and dark green. The blooms are diclinous and dioeciously divided. The shrub bears decorative “red” berries (drupes) that taste sweetish. However, caution must be taken as the other parts of this shrub are toxic.

    Landscaping concepts usually prefer cultivars of this yew while the Japense yew proper (Taxus cuspidate) is grown as a bonsai. Our company offers several bonsai of this sort. All of them are large bonsai and as such they are called macro bonsaie. Their gradual cultivation and shaping was perfected by experts in Japan where these macro bonsai come from.
    These awesome woody plants that have been shaped for dozens of years are ideal for open spaces yet they can also be planted in decorative ceramic pots or wooden boxes, the latter being typical for the growing of bonsai.

    Bonsai are gaining more and more popularity. They are chosen mainly for prominent places on a lake shore, by a family house or on terraces. They are also found in Japanese gardens as well as in natural or modern-style gardens. Moreover, they can embellish social or corporate premises such as Japanese restaurants, wellness or spa facilities, oriental or other venues.

    Yews are worshipped by many cultures. They are ascribed a special symbolic and cult value. Yew bonsai add another facet to these unique characteristics.